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    i am currently programming in html, php and javascript and i've got into a deep end with ie7 regarding a newline. it seems im not getting two <br> tags to be treated as such by ie7, but instead as one.

    so i'm trying to figure out why.
    i am using owasps' esapi for javascript jquery plugin and this guy is the culprit for ignoring one of the br's.
    so i opend the js that makes up the plugin and there is alot of code there but i managed to find some code regarding newlines.
    so seeing i am not a professional developer i had to start reading from scrap, online on wikipedia about newlines to understand what the owasp plugin is doing to the newlines.

    now, i have come to a halt because apparently newlines are different from os to os.

    so two questions pop up in my mind:

    1. are newlines dependent on the language we are programming in or are they dependent of the OS. or both?
    2. how do you treat newlines so they are treated the same across platforms?
    (be it the coding language, or the OS?)
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