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Windows block mode and black notepad

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  • Windows block mode and black notepad

    Correction the title should say dark mode not block mode lol oops

    Did you all know that windows 10 has a way to make it all black, you can set it that way using the personalization menu. Just choose dark mode.,

    Also windows has a dark high contrast setting in the settings, ease of access, high contrast menu. Now its kinda funky and not everything is clean and nice, but it does what it says it does. The only things you give up are your screen backgrounds, they are black now, and everything is outlined. Webpages have dark and light sections. In other words it aint pretty by any means, but its not suppose to be pretty to be functional. Choosing this will also make your windows notepad black but as i said you give up alot of eye candy to do so.

    Also from the microsoft store you cna get a black notepad extension, not notepad ++, im talking about the default notepad that comes with windows. With that extension your notepad will be dark, i like it.

    I ended up choosing the dark mode, then installing the notepad extension then changing my chrome background by setting a dark them in the chrome settings, but that does not cover the chrome search results page, its still white... so to change that you need to add this to your chrome url

    that will change the search results. Also if you do that, check out this forum as a guest and look at a page with code in it.... wow isnt that so much easier to read with all black... nice huh sadly when you log in it will go back to white...
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