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    I was wondering if I could ask your opinion about something?

    I have a really nice script that allows users to invite their friends. You can read more about it here:

    With my current model, once contacts are received, they are uploaded to a member's server via FTP.

    My other option would be to allow the user to input a message to send to the contact list and just send the emails directly through my website.

    Which option do you think is better?

    The first one in my opinion is harder to implement for the user. It allows them to collect email addresses however for future email marketing. Plus, they might not want to give out their FTP information.

    Travis Walters

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    I am a bit confused about the FTP server - will members need their own server / FTP access to store contact data? Isn't this all usually stored on a MySQL database on the website?
    Clueless in Essex


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      The 2nd option is going to be much eaiser for most customers. Keep it as simple as possible.
      Unless your customer base is well versed in ftp they will never use it.

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        I know my host only allows me 25 emails a day from site which is pants.... You may want to check that