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Recommendations for a web building site?

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  • Recommendations for a web building site?

    I want to create/build a website for a non-profit foundation. We wont be selling anything. Adobes software is a bit above my head and too expensive. Any sites that help me build and design a site and then host it? Thanks.

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    For design: Inkscape or GIMP.
    For development: Any plain text editor you’ve got. More advanced are Notepad++ (Win) or TextWrangler (Mac).
    For hosting you need to sign up for a hosting plan with a professional company, perferably.
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      I would skip all of the above initially, especially if you are a newby but desperate to get a site of the ground ASAP. I would try the Wordpress hosted website route.

      I realise that this isn't exactly in the spirit of a forum dedicated to coding websites, but when it is for a non profit and they need it quick then it has to be the way to go
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