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Installing wordpress?

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  • Installing wordpress?

    Hey, I downloaded wordpress today as it was highly recommended to me.
    Im having some trouble understanding how to install it on my site.
    Im currently using the free .webs sites, I am also wondering if .webs does meet the requirements/support the languages used in this?
    Any suggestions/tutorials would be very helpful.

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    Well you know there is a wordpress site for guidance and tutorials on installation and using WP.

    Also, you can check with your hosting providor to see if they support WP and PHP. I'm not familiar with .webs hosting.


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      Why not just get a wordpress site at wordpress.com. If you don't want the hassle of uploaded and making the blog all you have to do is sign up.
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        The best place to find out if your host has the correct settings is to start at the wordpress advice and information pages. I think the one you need straight away is this one: What you need to know before Installing Wordpress
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          Your web host needs to have php and mysql. Do your free web hosting have these? And does it allows you to install any script?

          I suppose currently you do not have your own domain, if that is the case, you can sign a free wordpress account at https://en.wordpress.com/signup/


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            By far the easiest way is to just buy a domain, have hosting that gives you a cpanel, and then use Fantastico Deluxe in the cpanel to automatically install wordpress for you.
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              If you are going to do any business online, you need a webhost and a webhost like hostgator has a beginner hosting program inexpensively. There you can setup WP through Fantastico quickly.

              Hope this helps.
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                It does depend on what you're planning to use the website for as to whether you need the actual expense of a domain and hosting. If you continue with the free option that you are using, then it will be more of a pain to install wp than by using the other options above.