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  • Small Problem turning out Big

    Hello Coding Forum, I'm a newbie here who is looking for some help.
    As I'm still unclear of the issue I'm posting in General Web Building. Ok so problem is that I'm using an XML generated intro for my website. My intro(index.html) is in the root directory with website home(index2.html).
    Issue is that I want the website to be loaded directly after intro in the same browser page instead of a new tab. Intro is using XML formatting to call the website but it opens in a new tab. Let me post some codes here;
    <link url="index2.html" target="_self" />
    Swfaddress.js Where targets are set
    {target=typeof target!=UNDEFINED?target:"_self";if(target=="_self"){self.location.href=url}else{if(target=="_top"){_l.href=url}else{if(target=="_blank"){window.open(url)}else{_t.frames[target].location.href=url}}}};this.popup=function(url,name,options,handler){try{var popup=window.open(url,name,eval(options));if(typeof handler!=UNDEFINED){eval(handler)}}catch(ex){}_popup=arguments}
    The intro is a template I'm using and I'm not familiar to its coding. I just want the intro to end and the website to load in the same browser window but its not happening. I've used other target options like 'parent' and 'top' but its not working. Also, on intro page there is a 'skip intro' button but when you click it intro keeps on playing and new window pop opens with the website. You can preview the website at; www.caterpowertrading.com

    I'm sorry if I'm not posting in the right category or I'm neglecting some posting rules but please letgo for I'm new! Thanks.
    ~ Desperate Soul.
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    I can produce additional codes and sources if someone asks. Need this help guys!


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      I'm not sure if this is the correct answer or not.

      Make a safe copy of your existing XML file (intro.xml).

      There is a line in there that looks like this:
      <link url="index2.html" target="_parent" />

      I would expect that to work as you wish, opening in the same window,
      but maybe _parent is no longer valid for browsers.

      Try changing that line to this:
      <link url="index2.html" />



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        Thanks for the concern Mlseim I appreciate it! But its not helping out by removing target either. I'm purely tunnel visioned myself. Do you think its .xml or that swfaddress.js thats determining the window opening? FYI its using Swfaddress v2.4 here.