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  • Redirect issue

    Ok. I'm going to try to explain this as clearly as possible given the fact that I am not a web developer (though I wish I were).

    Our current site is located at http://entrustcashadvance.com . We decided a while back to lose the www's for reasons I don't quite understand - but I have spent so much time linkbuilding without the www's that I think it's far too late to switch back.

    Anyway - we do approach all of our internal and external links as not having "www." www.entrustcashadvance.com is redirected to its non-www form via a 301 redirect.

    We want to tell google that the preferred URL structure for our site is the setup without the www. But google says, in order for us to do that, we have to verify that we own www.entrustcashadvance.com. We do - but again, that URL is being redirected. So how could I access that single www. page for verification purposes?

    Hope somebody can help.


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    I feel the solution will involve .htaccess rewrite rules ...

    See if this site talks about the same issue you have: