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using forum or forums as a name?

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  • using forum or forums as a name?


    Is using




    better as a forum website name, like this forum for instance? Which one makes more sense? i want to use ...forum.com as it is one letter shorter but as i checked people are widely using ...forums.com too. gramatically which one is correct? may using forum mean different than using forums? (by the way i have both domains, which i was able to buy as it is not a very popular word in front, but still one of my areas of interest)
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    IMO I don't think it really matters... What sounds better to you? It is after all, your forum. But if you want to get "technical" I would assume that ...forum.com would apply if there is only one forum in the site. If there are varied sub-forums (like here at CF) then use ...forums.com because there are multiple

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