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web page and database access.

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  • web page and database access.

    I am trying to develop an general web page which can be used in any company. For e.g I want to write a code that can access the name, emp id from the exisiting database. For now I have no idea of how to interact with databases and how many types of databases are there. Is it possible to that.
    Any help will be great help.

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    Any server side language(php, coldfusion, asp.net) can be used to create, read, update, and delete(CRUD), as well as manipulate raw data stored in a database. Most server side languages work with most of the popular industry standard databases now. How many different db's are there? couldnt tell you, but usually MySQL is one of the most common used. Its free and pretty robust.

    As for the actual language used to "talk" to a database, that would be SQL(structured query language). If you're new to web design/programming, there's going to be a lot to learn, since what you want is not a one solution answer.