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Accepting data over the Internet

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  • Accepting data over the Internet

    Scenario: I started my company and have a contracts with a number of large customers that I need to accept a high volume of data from 24/7 via the Internet and by modem. I created a relationship with a 3rd party company that I can use but I need to download the data directly to them. I have an issue with this because I need to track the data and if I elect to do this on my own in the future I do not want to have to have these companies to reprogram where their data is being sent


    1) What I want to do is find a ISP or something that I can accept the data and automatically send it to the third party company without anyones knowledge of what I am doing, any suggestions on how to do this and what company I can use that has modem banks and servers that will allow me to put my program on, to read the data being sent to me?

    2) I also need a little custom programming done for the server side to accept the data. The data has to be on a secure site and I need the data to be automatically sent to the 3rd. party company. As I am starting the business I am short on funds, I need to find a programmer that can assist me but is willing to get paid on a transaction basis. Is there such a person or company out there that would be willing to do this?

    All suggestions and comments will be appreciated.