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  • Internal Search engine for image files

    I'm looking to design a searchable webpage for my stock photography. I've found resources on searching for text but none on linking searches with image files. I understand that I'm going to have to keyword the images (How's this done?). I also am not clear on what to use...is it html, or a script or what? Any suggestions or links would be helpful.

    Thank you.

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    I suggest to use a database to store your images(paths) and their description. Then just run your search queries against the db. What you are wanting to do would not be that complicated. If you do not have access to a db then you could use a text file. The code would be a little more complex though.
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      What allida77 suggested is the most appropriate solution if it concerns a large number of photos (several dozens or more) and uses some form of serverside scripting, but if you don't have that many a client side solution might work (i.e. JavaScript); maybe JavaScript Kit has something useful.
      I'm pretty sure just HTML won't cut this.


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        I think there is one (somewhere) that uses JavaScript to search through the alt attributes of images on a page... but i've looked for it and i'm not too sure where it is

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