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    I run a small library and have problems with people coming in and using the PC's to access free email sites. They tie up machines that are really only for general web access and library stuff.
    Is there a simple way to block access to these sites?

    I know that I can get the server guys to block certain sites from being accessed, but its something I would like control over.

    Any help would be great


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    Well you could try installing one of those NetNanny type programs.
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      But then you get people going to sites like these:

      How to bypass or disable web filters such as WebSENSE, SmartFilter, 8e6, FortiGuard, SonicWall, LightSpeed. Supporting free speech and civil liberties for Internet users under 18.


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        Here's a link that might be worth taking a look @ for some other possible options:

        Edit: The link I posted doesn't take you to where I intended it to. Go to the Knowledge Base run a search on ' blocking access to specific sites '.
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          If you added them to the 'Restricted Sites' security zone in IE, that would pretty much cripple the site. People get to it but it wouldn't work. Unless it was only staight HTML.


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            is this a public library? you're getting into a hazy area when you talk about which sites are and are not "valid" reasons for people to be using the internet. accessing email seems a legitimate information access reason to me.


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              Set out some ground rules

              Set out some rules. You obviously have a group of users affected by these freeloaders. Harsh words but a library is a libray. If you want to send emails go to a cyber cafe or stay at home

              Make the rules clear and second charge the ones who use it for Email.

              I am sure that the thought of having to pay by the hour or even by the email sent and all the while being watched will soon put them off. You have to be firm on this other wise you will be taken for a right royal ride.

              Every one else who uses the net for research etc can carry on as normal with no fees.
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                isn't that what a library is for- access to information for everyone for free?

                you say they should go home.
                most lower income people don't have computers with internet access at home, hence the great value of internet access at local libraries.


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                  I would suggest recording the time each individual starts using a computer, a sign-on sheet would work fine. Have each persons who wants to use one of the computers put there name on the sheet. When their turn comes, they write down the time they started. Allow each user a specified period of time to use a computer for any purpose they desire (within reason). After the specified period of time has elapsed (20 mins. maybe), the person must relinquish the computer to the next person on the list and so on... . If the person wants to use a computer again, they just put their name back on the list and wait until their turn cycles around again.

                  That way it's fair to everyone and you don't have to get into splitting hairs to determine what is appropriate use, what is not, and how to enforce it. Just a thought of course .
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                    that's how it's done at the dallas libraries, and it seems to work very well.