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  • Third party cred card processing

    OK. I've looked into the costs and benefits of certain things regarding a very small company wanting to sell perhaps 30 items on their website UK nationwide through a shopping cart.

    I've considered the thing where you have all info emailed to you so you physically have to process all transactions on your till.

    This website seems to sum them all up:

    I've considered paypal, but a) it was in US dollars., b) i went to paypalsucks.com and got scared (!).

    Certain ones, for example, Netbanx, offers the very thing I need, but, come one, £75 for one item? When the items sold would be perhaps to the value of a fiver three times a year!

    Others, Worldpay, also seem to be legal con men.

    What I need is:

    A service that is like paypal, i.e. allows me to use their online business for a shopping cart service on their servers which i don't know emails an address with the shoping list order, that will let me sell in £UK, that will take their share of each transaction and no monthly or set up fees, and will directly take money out of my online customer's bank account and place this money in my own, or at least allows me to take it out of an online balance if the former thing isn't possible.

    Is this too much to ask?

    All of the sites i've come across are so damn hard to understand, i've ended up registering with three sites now only to find out they don't offer what I need.

    Can someone offer me a recommendation as to where to go? Thanks!


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    Online trading

    Go here - http://www.streamline.com.

    They offer an online trading solution. Yes, all owned by the RBS.
    Yes, a survey to fill out to find out the costs but hey, you may be pleasantly suprised.

    Oh yes, also worth looking at is http://www.nochex.co.uk/
    I have never heard of any complaints from colleagues and aqaintances who use their services.

    Good luck.
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      There are two main steps involved.

      First of all, you need to arrange a merchant account with a credit card company. I also recommend Streamline, but bear in mind that you will need to factor in the monthly cost of terminal rental as well as the charge per transaction. Mail/telephone orders involve additional risks - reflected in the higher charging rate, especially for new customers who do not have a track record. The credit card companies have encountered FlyByNight Ltd. before!

      Secondly, you will need to have secure on-line ordering, which normally involves encryptation via SSL. Again, this costs rather disproportionately for low-volume users.

      In short, you really need quite a lot of business/sales/orders before credit cards become worthwhile.

      Good luck!

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        ok, a VERY long shot, but.... here's something that is the embodiment of what I need....

        I found these:

        .... and so on.

        Where is this /acatalog/ script, and how does it work? is it simply a perl script with very secure features? Perhaps they have to physically enter the card details in a till then delete things from a database of some sort?? I love how these sites use it and can't figure out how to.. well.... basically, get it for myself. I was wondering if anyone here had any idea? (i searched on hotscripts etc etc, did a google search for all manners of things but no luck?)

        Again, thanks for any help offered!!


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          International Rate Schedule - All prices are in U.S. funds

          Monthly Promotional Program - Mandatory Monthly Cost
          Your Web site will be found in the search results of over 125 of the top search engines including America Online and Microsoft Network. $11.95
          Monthly Sales Volume Retail Margin
          $0.00-$100.00 NONE
          $100.01 and above 11% of your total sales in excess of $100.00

          * During the initial 30 day trial period you will not be charged a $9.95 monthly promotional fee ($11.95 monthly promotional fee for International clients). You will be charged a flat 9% retail margin (11% retail margin for International clients) on each sale made through CCNow. This will allow you a "ramp up period" on the CCNow system.
          So you'd be looking to make >£8 per month to cover costs or £100 or so extra from your client, a pitance for functional e-commerce.
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            Why not ask the users of this script?

            Hi. If I were you and I wanted to know how it worked, where to get it etc I would drop a line by phone or email to the site owners (A phone call is the best option). I am sure they would be able to give you the information you need unless of course you are selling what they are selling then they may not be so helpfull but nothing ventured, nothing gained.
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              Have you checked out http://2checkout.com ? I beleive they can help you out as well.

              ($40 set-up fee & 5.5% on transactions.)
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                Any www.domain.com/acatalog = ACTINIC Catalogue:

                Création complète de plateforme e-commerce, intégration de leurs SI au canal de vente & mise en œuvre de la stratégie digitale.



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                  As you can see, you can't complain about infos and offers. The hard job for you is to make the best decision, opiate for the right feature. I guess you could use some infos to help you make a general idea about processing payments and also you need a reliable credit card virtual terminal whit a proper interface to make your work easier.
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