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Can I manage multiple location shared hosting with one panel ?

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  • Can I manage multiple location shared hosting with one panel ?


    You know we done some great job on tweaking up WHMCS and also I think that we done some great job on setting up multi locations on WHMCS (almost 6

    months hard work, almost hard…joke).

    So, actually we will show you some trick how to get coded WHMCS files work property for you.
    You may think that it is another boring topic of how to or something, but unfortunately it’s not
    I was looking for a lot of information of how to tweak up WHMCS and DirectAdmin together, but could find only bits and pieces of it…

    In the mean time I would like to dedicate this topic to anyone who is currently seeking new web hosting services.

    I had done one more post about how to get moving around hosting control panels, but still writing proper review about that confusing transfer


    Choosing a web host for your business is one of the most important decisions you can make. If your site is down, your business is down. If you are

    serious about your website and want to get solutions to your common hosting problems, this article will give you ten good reasons to choose for a

    global hosting company.

    1. Hosting companies that work globally have different Data Centre to better service their customers. In case of a hardware failure, the

    system will automatically redirect traffic to the nearest Data Centre.
    Don’t let server downtime and a slow connection cost you money!

    2. Because of the different Data Centre, the backup systems are always secure. If a disaster strikes where your computer is located, your

    data remains safe in a remote location.
    3. Global Hosting Companies work with a live support system. You can manage all aspects of your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No

    time zones for services provided.

    4. A support team is available 24/7 via phone and email to provide top-level support when you need it.

    5. Because of the variety of customers from different continents, global hosting companies are able to offer flexible systems. They give

    prompt reaction time to customers’ needs and expectations.

    6. Global hosting companies offer multiple compatible languages and language capabilities

    7. Offering support of multiple database engines and both versions of PHP 4 and PHP 5 applications.

    8. A support team routinely updates your server’s operating system and hardware with the newest updates, latest security patches and upgrades

    to ensure maximum security.

    9. Global hosting companies have an experienced migration team to do all proper migration planning so that the transition can take place

    without a hitch.

    10. Most global hosting companies have their own community website that allows customers to communicate and offer advice, and to share ideas

    and business solutions with each other.

    There are many companies providing great web hosting services so feel free to search for one that suits your needs.
    Starting a business is difficult and picking the best out of thousands of web hosting companies out there is very crucial. Pick the right company

    to go with.

    Please review any additional information maybe I forgot to mention something…

    Also I got some bad reviews of my first post in forum; even some people treated my post as a spam, but in some way information sharing in not

    permitted in forums (hmmm…or I am wrong?)

    Anyway I really appreciate for your corrections and putting me on the right way. Thank you

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