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Javascript not working on my PC

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  • Javascript not working on my PC

    Hello! I've come across a bizarre problem recently -Javascript has ceased to work on my PC (Office XP Developer, Windows XP, IE 6). Everytime a press a javascript button I get an "error on page" error notice in the statusbar. The frame of the pop-up window appears, but nothing is in it... Can anyone help?

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    You might try looking at your Anti-Virus software settings. Another thing to try is re-installing Internet Explorer (if that's what you're using). I used to get popup screens that would have a link that closed the popup through JavaScript, but when I tried to use the links I would always get a warning about a script trying to close the window. I tried everything to correct it in the Advanced settings of IE, but no luck. I ended up downloading the IE6 browser and it got rid of the problem.

    I don't know that this is the case with you, but just a little insight of what you could look for. I would look at the Anti-virus for sure, though.
    Kevin Adams | Compiled Code