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my site jumps around

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  • my site jumps around

    I have recently devamped my previous site http://www.marlowbureau.co.uk with a new design here http://www.flackwellheathcc.co.uk/marlowbureau but on the new design when yuo choose the link at the bottom of the cube the site jumps to the top..why? (it only happens in 800x600 resolution 1000x700 is fine

    also is their away of ancoring 'div' layers to a table so they will look inthe correct place in both 800x600 and 1024x768

    hope you all can help?

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    Only way around that I see is not to use anchors. Use separate pages for each of the links. It's the # that makes it jump up to the top of the chosen page


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      There is a fair bit of white space at the top and bottom of the page, could you reduce this so that the page has no vertical scroll bar at all? This would prevent the page jumping around.
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