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how do you do this? (graphics)

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  • how do you do this? (graphics)

    how do you make this kind of effect on graphics?

    or something like on

    i know you use PhotoShop, but i have Paint Shop Pro, and can't you do the same thing, pretty much?

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    it is easy to make ..not so ....

    just visited http://www.playtay.net/paperdoll/paperdoll.gif and found this the picture can e ade easily by using adobe photoshop and ACDsee graphics software.
    here how it was done in my opinion
    ........>>>>3......... different picture were merged in that single photo....
    1: the guy on the right side
    2 :guys in black in middle
    3: window on the top left
    also a font was used to write paperdoll in the top left near window
    ok.....th e purple color and brightnesss can be made by using enhancement of ACDsee while the guaze effect or that weaving (netted,cloth painting) effect can b produced in adobe photoshop filters
    fusion of 2 of thes 3 were done in photoshop and third that window was done later on .text was typed y using that special font that can b found free on net...all ni al not so complex graphic to make ....hope i helped
    Move on....