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  • Need ideas for site

    Im making a new webpage for my friend. His site is http://recordsinternational.com Its really outdated and is in desperate need of a makeover. I have a few Ideas of my own but i was wondering if anyone had any ideas of their own.

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    I would suggst createing (or using) a nice menu system, so that the user doesn't have to scroll miles down the page. And also to fix the fonts, At one moment there really small, then really large. It kind of hurt my eyes a little. HR's are a good way to sepperate sections on a page, but i would suggest useing some nice images for line breaks.

    Thats my 2cents.

    Hope its helped
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      I agree...

      Yah, in my opinion good navigation is essential, even if it is just a frame with some links in it.
      Also, you have to see how you actually want to make the page. Depending on what it is on, you could probably make it all database driven and stuff like that, but that is probably not what you are looking for. My best advice is to ask yourself: "What do I want this site to do for the visiter?" and go from there.


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        Hi. Here it goes.

        1) Page colour. Pick another one. White bg with Black txt is plain but clear. Site layout will lift that if done right.

        2) Page layout. Consider left to right viewing with a menu system on the left and be carefull not to hide the important links within sub menus.

        3) Add a style tag to take care of link formatting

        4) Have forms for Contact and ordering

        Thats it from me for now. Back to work I go
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          - visit www.coolhomepages.com for outstanding designs and get inspired.

          - bgcolor is pink -that's cool every color can be used for this, important is the contrast.

          - the page is too long, split the content to several pages and list them in a navigation menu.

          - use smaller fonts, and don't write across the whole screen, try columns.




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            Without wishing to seem rude, just about anything you do would be an improvement on what you've got at the moment. My advice:

            1) Try to make the first page small, and have a good navigation system so that people can find what they want without having to wade through lots of stuff they don't. As an introductory piece of text, what you've got at the top will suffice, with links to the different sections of the site and maybe the contact details.

            2) Fonts-and-colours-wise, keep it simple. These things are a matter of taste, but I find that sans-serif fonts (Arial, Helvetica, Verdana and so on) are easier to read off a screen than serif ones (Times New Roman, Garamond, etc). It's also important to have a contrast in colours between the text and the background, and bear in mind you have to think of a third (fourth? fifth?) colour for the links as well. For this reason, I'd steer clear of pink/magenta, light blue/cyan and bright yellow for background colours, because they will always stand out more than the text.

            3) Use style sheets instead of <FONT> and <B> tags. It'll save you a headache when you have to update the page again.

            Hope this helps

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              Thnx for all the help. I really appreciate it. You guys rule!


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                Suggestions for page

                The colour is not necessarily a bad one as was pointed out, but it would be great to integrate it somehow with the text and logo to make it a less jarring package.

                Change the logo to a gif is possible. The antialiasing is little jagged. JPEGs work best for pics, gifs better for text.

                Introduction text: the raison d'etre is sort of buried. You may want to consider grabby logo text that reflects the goal of the company:

                "Alternative classical music for the alternative listener" or something.

                Text: You could consider an alternate text to Times New Roman or put some of the text in as a gif rather than text. I'll do that if the text is unlikely to be changed and I want something more visually appealing or integrating with, say line sketches of the composers. The suggestion about fonts is a good one. The changes in fonts (TNR, courier) as well as emphasis and size should be meaningful to the reader.

                The "small first page" suggestion is good, but consider the context. I hate splash pages myself and feel there should be enough useable information for a user to do something from the very first page. Scrolling down isn't necessarily bad, but there should be a point to it. I'd rather a scroll down than multiple linked pages, as long as it lends itself to ease of use. That's my opinion anyway. Given that most of the scrolling is for alternate versions of the catalog, you may consider another way of doing that, for example a form that uses a drop down list. The suggestion of multiple pages may be best applied to the contact/ordering information. You may want, at some point, to consider dbasing the information so you can do searches by style or composer rather than just looking through a catalogue.

                Stupid question, perhaps, but wouldn't it make more sense to have one current catalogue rather than a whole whack of iterations?

                If you keep a long first page, I'd move the contact information right to the top, probably incorporating it in the logo. You can probably tighten up the contact information quite easily. You may want to consider the difference between the 24 order number and the other toll free line. Why should people call the other number?

                The suggestion about multiple pages is a good one, especially for the ordering information.



                You may want to consider a gif for some of the lead in text