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What is Web Content Management?

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  • What is Web Content Management?

    Hi all,

    Good luck for everyone and can anyone knows what is "Web Content Management" and we are intend to start an Web content Management project for our prestigiues concern.So could you all give an good input for me so that i can start builing the Design Scenarios for that.We have to do that in ASP with IIS4.0

    thanks and regards

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    Generally, I would a say a point/type/click way of updating pages for a web site or intranet.

    These are especially handy in two scenarios.

    First, if a company has an intranet and a zillion different departments, each with it's own 'area' on the intranet. But only one or two departments are 'web knowledgable'. You create a web content management system where by users in any depart log into a "secure area", type in their name, department, and an "article" to add to their section. And bingo, they've updated their portion of the web site.

    Also, for web designers, if you come upon a Client who says, "I want to be able to update the site myself." "I want to do a 'From My Desk' column every week, but don't want to pay you to update it. Well, create a system where he can log in, update it himself, and boom, he's done. Where he doesn't have to deal with HTML at all.

    A web content management system is sort of like this forum, if you look at it properly. Each member "managing" his or her own content. We don't touch the code, we can't break it, but we update the site continuously with posts.

    Does that make sense?

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