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    Hi there,

    If anyone is interested, I have just published a new version of our brochureware site. I'd love it if you guys could have a look around for me and send me your ideas and opinions.

    Nemea Consulting

    I thrive on constructive critisism ...


    code, debug, dubug, debug, *SIGH* debug, debug ...

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    QuackHead's Constructive Criticizm:

    Chapter 1

    Ok, first thing I noticed - You should do something to make the links stand out a little more (what you've done for the about us section with the '>>' things was good). Maybe change the font colour or something.

    Next: In your drop-down menus, where you have submenus, you should really have an arrow to let the user know that the menu option opens a submenu.

    The text tips on the side links - I'm kinda mixed on those.. I don't know if I like them or not The images to the left are a little choppy - and could be sharpened up a bit.

    "Joined Up Thinking Delivering Real Benifits" maybe it's a Brittish phrase, but this Canadian guy doesn't understand that at all ...

    The main page could use a nice picture in the middle - cause right now it looks a little plain/boring.

    MINOR: See if you can find something else for the header image other than clouds - clouds are really overused. Maybe something a little more relevant to your company - like say, people in a conference or something .. it should also tie in with what you're trying to say in the phrase...

    Hope I wasn't too mean

    New to the CF scene
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      That's v cool, my friend - not too mean at all

      I agree with pretty much all of what you say - "Joined up thinking providing real benefits"? Blame the Business Development manager for that - it does mean something apparently!

      Cheers for the suggestions, I'll have a look into them

      nice 1

      code, debug, dubug, debug, *SIGH* debug, debug ...


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        hehe .. I forgot to add my encouraging thoughts..

        You site has a lot of potential, and it looks like you really know what you're doing here. Design wise, it could just use some cleaning up, but as far a scripting and stuff, it looks great.

        Press on man!



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          I am using mozilla and your pop up menus are always at the top of the screen.

          I agree with quack about the clouds. I like your layout it is not cluttered , but you could use a liitle color maybe on the side sections.

          Overall it looks good
          does this sig match?


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            The site looks pretty damn good in my opinion. I agree about the arrows for the submenu's, or give at least some indication that there is another menu.

            My one and only complaint that I have is that on IE 5.0 800x600 screen there is some sideways scrolling to get to the end of the page, maybe only like 20-30 pixels, but I would fix that.

            Otherwise, the site looks great.


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              i think it has a nice clean look.

              uh oh. clouds are overdone??
              my site is for an air pollution office, so hopefully it isn't bad to have clouds.


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                Nice clean, corporate look. I would have liked to see it fit a 800x600 window as well, but that would probably mess up your menu. Menu is very nice as well, although a little slow initially; i second indicating a third level menu.
                I would make the very pale blue background from the text headers a little darker to make them stand out more; at present, it's barely visible, and i do like this way to emphasize headers.
                Lastly, i recommend a page footer (something like a thin horizontal line, and maybe a copywright notice in small type beneath it) to indicate to visitors when they reached the end of the page. Whenever i spot something like that, i always feel it gives the lot an extra professional look.


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                  minor point

                  Nice site, very clean and professional.

                  The only thing I'd comment on is the icon for additional information
                  requires a mouse-over to find out what it does. Someone visually scanning the page may not twig that you have to click on this icon to get what they're looking for.

                  You may want to provide a text link or add some text to the icon.