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  • Free Banner Software?

    Does anyone know of any free Banner software avalible on the net for download, I would like to set it up on my new site, and my funds are low at this stage... So it has to be a free Bee...Thanks

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    Are you looking for softwares that can make banners?
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      Thanks for the reply, but I have found what I have been looking for...

      Cheers...Clear Skies


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        AdMentor - I'm using this one presently on a site I'm building for a rotation on one site only. I'm also planning to use it for my Corporate Ad Program I'll be offering Clients. It will allow me to display the script (ASP) on both, ASP pages and static HTML pages. Just because the script is written in ASP, I can display random banners on any type of page; ASP, (S)HTM(L), PHP, CFM, ect. It's quite the script and I would recommend it 100%.

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