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  • Rate me (criticise me :)

    hey guys,
    I'm just working on my website and would like to know what you all think and what you can see.
    I use IE5.5, 800x600 resolution so am wondering how everything turns out on other PC's and also Macs.

    Don't be too kind, constructive criticism is good! As are suggestoins.



    (there is no index page yet - not ready to distribute)
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    IE 5.5 on Win95

    Well, I like the layout, but the first thing I would change in where the description appears when you mouse over a link in the drop down menu. I was mousing over the links, saw something pop up in the upper right and thought "What the heck is that???"

    Maybe you could move the menu down and have the descrition display above the menu???

    Just an idea.
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      the general layout is good, great graphics, but i sort of miss a page header or logo or something, to tie the different pages together into a site. That would also keep reminding the visitor of where the heck he/she wound up this time while surfing!

      Also, i wouldn't call a menu section which houses your main content "links", since that usually refers to external links to other sites. Something like "Interests", maybe?


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        I do no care for the splash screen. It was pretty slow to load and it was just for a little flash animation. Unless there is some text explaining what the site is, does, ect, I would get rid of it.

        I am not sure about the layout. Because you have a picture in the middle of the page when I am reading my eyes are always wanting to focus on the center of the screen.

        I agree what the other repies said about the rollovers and headers. I did not see a way to get back to the home page when surfing your site. I think there needs to a consistency of design. I have no idea when I click on links where I am at.

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          My thoughts. . .

          1) The flash screen doesn't bother me at all. You've got a link to allow me to skip it. (Enter Site) That's all I want - a way not to have to view it. It is good lookin', though! Keep it. I think it adds an air of professionalism.

          2) Home: I like the drop down Links anywhere on the NET! You've added an explanation box in the upper left as I scroll. That was a bit unexpected, not bothersome for me. However, I did expect the expansion to be closer to the cursor. It would be better if when I moused over I got the explanation near there. That's the way most others are doing it. From a user perspective, what we want is NOT to have to constantly learn to navigate - we'd love it if sites were all similar, if not the same, when it comes to navigation. Save the creativity for content - not navigation.
          I have no problem with the graphic being centered. It's eye catching, yes, but it isn't moving about and the colors are tranquil - so it did not distract me.

          3) Thank you for NOT making your external links open new windows. It is quite annoying to have a bazillion windows open. I find I am MORE likely to return to where I started when I do not end up with a systray full of windows. When THAT happens, I usually close them all and go elsewhere.

          4) Signed your guestbook. The "Back to My Page" link is not working.

          Sorry, that's all I have time for. Keep going. After your home page, each of your site's pages would be best if they had a consistent Top of Page logo and consistent way to return to the Home page (not the flash).

          Good effort. I look forward to seeing your progress.


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            Simple and neat layout.
            I would prefer a more visible scroll-bar though...
            The description of the links on the left is coool.
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              Thanks for all your suggestions so far, they are all more than welcome and greatly appreciated.
              It's good to get views from people coming at it from a different perspective than mine...keep them coming.

              "Imagination is more important than knowledge" A. Einstein's 'Twin Paradox'