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Perhaps some of you with web/comp experience know laptops?

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  • Perhaps some of you with web/comp experience know laptops?


    I am in the market for a new laptop. My parents don't want me to spend a ton so they gave me 2,000 to work with. So far I have fooled around with some sony's which I find to be overpriced and slow, dell's which seem to be raved about by people, and I got to fool around with this gateway. I really liked the gateway, but I want to hear from someone who really knows where the deals are at for a powerful machine. I liked the idea of the gateway being thin, a pentium 4m, and 1.6 ghz...its all pleasing...but if you know something better or would reccomend dell over them please tell! Thanks.

    PS This is web related cause how else can I access it

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    dell, but if you want something ultralight and thin, toshiba has their 2000 protge (something like that) model which is 2.6lb and .6", but dell or gateway, but the dells have more options...
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      Dells overprice their computers. Gateways are good.
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        IBM Thinkpads are pretty nice.

        I got a T21 933MHz/512MB/30Gig/NIC/Modem/DVD/CD-RW/14.1" XGA screen/2 batteries and it works great. And only weights 4 pounds.

        I'd also recommend Compaq, they have some competivily priced notebooks. I think I saw in one of their ads a while ago for a decent enough notebook and it include an iPaq as well for about 2000.

        That Gateway is pretty good. Gateway also has kick butt tech support. The best I've seen. (At least when you actually call them and don't use any online response junk)



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          I wouldn't get a Dell solely for the reason knowing some of my money may go to supporting their current advertising campaign -I hate that kid! Apple's new advertising strategy is just as bad too! "And, my Mac never crashes, like my PC did all the time.... Never a blue screen." Bah, all I can do it yell at the tv various obscenities - my experience with Macs have them locking/crashing/freezing way more often than any Windows version I've used. Don't have much experience with OSX though...

          Anyway, if you have the money, may I recommend a dual-lcd monitor laptop?



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            Thanks for all the feedback..I really thought about it, and I am still so confused. Today at work (I work for the Stereo Advantage a local electronic Store) I was offered a sony vaio pcgfxa36 for 999 (it retails for 1699). Its 1.0ghz, 256 memory, 20 gig and its Athelon 4 with 8x dvd/cdrw. I really am considering this cause the look and size is nice. for 999 I could perhaps add some ram on my own and be happy with it...but I dont know. I am using it just for school work, some mild games, and music.

            The other opition is to invest in a really nice one. I was looking at the Dell Inspiron 8200. For 1800 I get a pent 4m 1.6 ghz, 24x cdrw, 20 gig 128memory.

            I am really unsure...I think since the tech changes so fast I might be better off saving the cash..but I want to do this right.
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