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i own a domain - how do i get control

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  • i own a domain - how do i get control

    can anyone help me with this - there's $50 in it for them if they can help me get hold of it.

    Im the one who is registered and owns it. Just met a dead end in trying to get control!

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    Well why don't you explain the problem your having in more detail and what exactly you need help on.


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      sounds like the next step is to get a host (webspace).

      your host will give you nameserver numbers to plug into your domain name account. that way the two of them will find each other and your domain/site will then be complete.


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        Did you have your web host register the domain for you? If so, that was your first mistake. Some hosts will hold your domain hostage if you ever decide to leave them for someone else. Never have your web host provide such a service for you.

        As oracleguy suggested though, you need to supply us with more details on the problem. Otherwise, we can only guess what it is.
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