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Trying to do html-type targets on Flash page

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  • Trying to do html-type targets on Flash page

    I've got a very long flash page, about 2000 pixels from top to bottom, that slips into an html page. What I want to do is use html-like targets at the top of the Flash page so users can go to the relevent parts without always having to scroll down. I could use targets in the html to target the Flash page but because so many browsers are set differently in their interpretations of code, I'm afraid it will only work some of the time.
    I have Flash 8 Professional but am stuck using Flash Lite 1.0 actionscripts, I won't go into the reasons why. Anybody have an idea?

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    I don't think this is possible, if you mean the flash movie controls the scroll bar?
    you could always put your whole site in a viewing window say 800 x 600 and give it an instance name of 'viewing_window', give the text or image the user needs to see an instance name of 'object1' then put something like this on the button the user will click:

    _root.viewing_window._y = _root.viewing_window.object1._y
    Matt Davenport - Freelance Web Developer