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    I'm in the need for some advice/help. I am currently am involved with a guy that would like a website done for selling four wheeler parts. He talked about maybe having a movie on his site. He doesn't know a lot of web design so he basically meant a flash intro or whatever. My problem is this, I've never worked with flash before or even studied on it well I was in school. What all is involved in making a flash page? What all do I need?

    Also I don't have the money to buy dreamweaver or fireworks. Or any other software program that would be involved. So basically what I'm thinking is that I'm screwed when it comes to flash coding.

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    a simple flash movies isn't that hard. coding a whole interface and all that is another story. that's much harder. a simple intro should be feeasable. but is it really nessescary? thats the real question. i see to many sites these days with quickly knocked up flash intros that just waste the visitors time
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