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  • flash not working properly

    Hi there,

    i have just built two sites using CMSMS that are for the same company. the sites are extremely similar with just a few tweaks in content here and there, but the layout and design is the same. the sites are:


    i created the .co.za site first, and then just replicated that for the .co.uk.

    i am having a few browser issues with both. these are my issues:

    1. When you go to http://www.gandtprojects.co.za, the home page shows two sets of flash. First is the flash map. I am having endless trouble with the map. i have changed code and checked code and recompiled my flash over and over, and nothign seems to work. The map has 4 flahsing dots on it. these 4 dots link to 4 different urls. When i had the links going to a new page, the links worked fine. My client then wanted the links to stay within the same page, so i changed the actionscript to _self. Ever since i changed it, the links work fine in .co.za, but they don't work at all in .co.uk. And they don't work for .co.uk in both Firefox and IE. the flash.swf file, and the links.xml file are both in the root folder. If you go directly to the swf file, http://www.gandtprojects.co.uk/flash.swf, the links work. so it has to be somethign on the webpage itself that is makign it not work. i have checked everythign possible from a code point of view. Please help.

    2. Below the map, is another bit of flash - the rectangular buttons that are constantly moving - index.swf. My only problem with this is that it is not showing in firefox on the url http://www.gandtprojects.co.za and http://www.gandtprojects.co.uk. Yet when i go to http://gandtprojects.co.za and http://gandtprojects.co.uk, it shows. so when i go to the url without www, it shows.
    Again here, i have tried everythign possible and nothign seems to work.
    Both the index.swf and data.xml files are on the root folders of both domains.

    I have spent 2 days playign aroudn with code and files and troubleshooting these issues, and am at a total loss now.

    please, if anyoen can help and find the soultiosn to my problem, i woudl greatly appreciate it.


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    I would suggest looking through the code again. If you've copy/pasted everything you might have accidentally deleted a line of code or replaced it or something similar.

    Are both sites using the exact same flash file? If so, the problem might be with your sites so make sure the code is correct between the two.


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      i also recommend you to looking through the code again or just go through this link forums.adobe.com/community/flash and put you question in this website hop you will got proper answer