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  • Begineer with flash

    I want to create a flash animation for the working of a small hydro system..I want to add valley, mountains and a river (please check the link below). But I am getting pretty confused about this design thing. So if you can please add a little tutorial about it, it’d be greatly appreciated. I am a beginner in flash... and I want to create the animation for my class work. I want to use mouse over properties so that I can see the description/picture on mouse over or download a file attached on a button click. Can you add some more tutorial links related to Pulse Particle System? And please have a look at the link below..( youtu.be/rnPEtwQtmGQ ) the video shows the flow of water towards the turbine and turns it… so can you also help me by adding some links of rotation and how to show the flow of water. Thanks in advance