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How to start with flash development

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  • How to start with flash development

    I am just starting with the flash development, I have been working on the java since last six years. The question is where do I start from.

    - I just want to be in open source flash development
    - Should I learn action script 2 or action script 3
    - What is the good development setup, flashdevelop or eclipse with ASDT, I already know eclipse since last 5 years

    My ultimate goal is to develop a client that will work with the red5 server. some thing like capturing webcam and streaming to the red5 and so.

    What should i learn first and what tools will suite me better.
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    First of all forget about AS 2 - nobody is using this old fashioned language.

    So starting with AS 3.0 you need Flex SDK if you want it open-source, so:

    Then you need to choose your IDE (flex is just an command line compiler + libs), two option are good your attention:
    • FlashDevelop - it's a nice one but works on Windows only and you will need to configure it a bit
    • Flash Builder (standard version) - based on eclipse (which you like), costs $249 (which you don't like) but there is no better solution for AS 3 development. Of course you can try to find some "patched" version for free

    After all you need a book to start learning, so:
    http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FlashPla...t/3/index.html - believe me it's the only reliable source of knowledge

    My little advice before you start working with apps based on Flex components, etc... Try to build few pure AS 3 applications just to avoid frustration at the beginning

    When you are ready with the IDE (and done at least "Hello world" app) feel free to ask me directly... I have few years experience dealing with complex flash based apps so I think i can help
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