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Flash Question: Rolling Eyes

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  • Flash Question: Rolling Eyes

    I've created a flash document 100px by 100px and when the user hovers over a face, the eyes move with the cursor. I have embedded the swf into my layout so that the eyes follow the cursor as the user navigates the site. Unfortunately, the eyes only follow the cursor if the user is hovering of the 100 pixel area of the swf file. I assume this is normal behaviour, I guess I didn’t take this into consideration when I had the idea – as it’s obviously pointless now seeing as the user has no need to hover over the header image.

    Is it somehow possible to make the moving eyes work, even if the cursor is somewhere else on the screen (somewhere other than directly over the flash file)...I'm sure I've seen sites do it.

    Hope someone can help!


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    This might give you some ideas
    Its not going to be easy. It will get annoying after a while. TBH its the 'noob' thing to do.
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